The Best 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film in Baltimore

Though you may not realize it, windows can be your home’s weakest link. They can shatter easily, whether from a simple accident like a baseball through your window or in extreme situations like severe thunderstorms, throwing dangerously sharp shrapnel everywhere and posing a risk to your family’s safety. Broken windows are also a thief’s best friend, allowing easy entry into your home or business where your valuables and family rest. D&L Window Tinting offers 3M Ultra Safety and Security window films as a solution to these problems and more.

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3M Windows

What is 3M Ultra Safety and Security?

3M is one of the most affordable, effective, and attractive approaches to window safety for your home, business, or workplace. It is a safety and security window film that covers your windows, making breaks rarer and holding the glass in the frame when breaks do occur. 3M’s strong, resilient adhesive and flexible construction means that it can withstand both positive and negative pressure, so that it bends with any impact, holding the dangerous broken glass in place without allowing anything into your homes, such as glass, flying debris, and even intruders.

3M is extremely durable and is relied upon by homes, businesses, corporations, and government offices everywhere to provide an added layer of safety, security, and energy efficiency to a building or home. 3M helps hold the glass in place upon impact, offering your business or home 24-hour window protection against intruders, severe storms, terrorist attacks, and earthquakes. This resilient security film improves window safety for retail, commercial, residential, and government properties worldwide. Something as simple as a baseball through the window becomes a sudden threat to your family when they come into contact with broken glass. Every day accidents or events as common as thunderstorms can have a devastating effect on windows and glass, putting your family in danger. 3M prevents the worst of that damage from happening.

Why Do I Need It?

Commercial property owners, facility managers, office managers, corporations, and families everywhere are discovering the money- and life-saving benefits of 3M safety window film. No matter what type of building you’re in—office, corner store, home, or corporate skyscraper—your glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety. Anything from a stray golf ball to a violent storm can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage, injury, or worse. That’s why so many home and business owners rely on the protection provided by durable 3M safety window films.

To a thief, a broken window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your electronics, jewelry, furniture, or other costly possessions can all be gone in a matter of minutes after a criminal gains entry, and if the break-in happens in your home, they can take your sense of security, too. Luckily, 3M helps eliminate a burglar’s easiest access route: a broken window. By making a window more difficult to shatter and holding the broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking, illegal access becomes almost impossible and much less likely to occur.

3M Home Windows

Feel Safe in Your Home

With the ever-present threat of terrorism, commercial, residential, and government building safety has never been a higher priority. High-risk areas now include just about every major city in the world—including Baltimore. Even buildings in the outlying areas are susceptible to major damage if an explosion should occur. The shock wave exerts enormous amounts of pressure, breaking the unprotected glass and sending harmful shards into your environment at high velocities.

3M solar safety films also soften the harsh light, balance temperatures, and help maintain a comfortable environment year-round—but the benefits don’t stop there. 3M films can also provide significant energy savings by screening out as much as 80% of the sun’s solar heat. 3M solar safety window films work to maximize energy efficiency, relieving the strain on your air conditioning unit and balancing room temperatures.