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The morning sun streams into your windows and brightens and warms your environment—maybe a bit too much. While sunshine can be pleasant and brighten a room, it can also be detrimental in ways you might not have considered, such as fading the color of your expensive furniture and décor. In a business, it can also result in annoying glares, unregulated temperatures, distracted employees, and higher utility and operating costs. If your business is suffering from these problems, D&L Window Tinting is the place to call.

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Sunscreen For Your Work: Window Film

While you and your employees may enjoy the warmth and beauty the sunshine provides, it also brings damaging and harmful ultraviolet light, uncomfortable solar heat, and eye-straining glares. It can be a large factor in the fading and deterioration of your furniture, flooring, window treatments, and other fabrics.

Our solar control window films offer a cost-effective solution while providing a myriad of other benefits. Window films work by screening out the undesirable side effects of natural sunlight, blocking almost 100% of UV rays and stopping heat from entering or escaping through the windows. Solar control films contain optically clear layers of polyester, laminate, and ultraviolet-inhibiting adhesives with a scratch-resistant surface. Our longer-lasting, higher-performing films like 3M are sputter-coated with durable reflective metals such as titanium, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum particles that determine the color, reflectivity, and solar performance of the film. Our team of talented professionals can install the window films quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Window Film

The Benefits of Window Film

Once our team has professionally installed the window films to the interior of your windows, you can expect to experience immediate benefits, such as improved comfort, reduced energy consumption from more regulated temperatures, minimized glare, and a more temperate climate. Long term, you’ll find the color of your essential and expensive furnishings and décor stay brighter and deeper with less chance of premature fading. You and your employees will work more comfortably, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your interior space is better protected. Our window films are one of the most affordable products you can buy that provide so many benefits.