Custom Vehicle Wraps

Showcase your Style

If you’re looking for an excellent way to advertise your business or change the look of your vehicle, D&L Window Tinting has a great solution for you: our full vehicle wraps. With a multitude of colors and finishes to choose from, our high-performance vinyl can help you achieve a unique look and standout from the crowd.

Our process 

     First, we help you pin down your goal, whether it’s a full color change, a custom design, or business advertisement. Next, we work to understand your style. Our vinyl technicians will help you come up with a design or look that you’re more than satisfied with—we want one that you’ll love. Give us a call today to meet with one of our vinyl experts to make your vision a reality.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping

  • Protection: Vinyl wraps act as a protective layer for your car's paintwork. They can shield it from sun damage, minor scratches, dings, and even rust. This can help preserve the resale value of your car and save you money on repairs in the long run.

  • Customization: Unlike paint, which is limited in terms of color and finish, vinyl wraps offer a near-endless array of customization options. You can completely change the look of your car with a solid color, a two-tone design, or even a complex graphic. There are even textured vinyl wraps available that mimic finishes like carbon fiber or brushed metal.

  • Cost-effective: Compared to a high-quality paint job, vinyl wraps can be a more affordable way to change the look of your car. Additionally, because they protect the underlying paint, they can help you preserve the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Removable: Vinyl wraps are not permanent. If you ever decide you don't like the way your car looks, the wrap can be removed by a professional without damaging the paint underneath. This makes them a great option for people who want to experiment with different looks or who lease their cars.

  • Easy maintenance: Vinyl wraps are generally easier to care for than paint. They can be washed with soap and water, and they are resistant to fading and peeling.


Practical Vehicle

Anywhere you go in your vehicle, potential customers will see your business’s information, such as its name and how to contact you. Practical vehicle wraps allow you to plant your business’s name in a potential customer’s head in a cost-effective way, helping you reach a higher number of people and gain name recognition.

Basic practical vehicle wraps display your business name and contact information, but we have more options available, such as adding your logo, some color, and different finishes. Metallic and carbon fiber finishes are always a nice touch to give your advertisement more appeal.

Stop by either of our locations to speak to one of our vehicle wrap professionals and see what we can do for you.