Virtually Invisible Paint
Protection in Baltimore

Your car goes through a lot in its lifetime—your paint job especially. Every day, it battles rocks, sand, dirt, scratches, road debris, and bugs, all of which can eat away at your car’s paint. Getting your car a new paint job can be pricey, even if you’re just getting a touch-up. So why not protect one of your biggest investments before the trouble begins? This is where D&L Window Tinting and Scotchgard team up to help you and your car out.

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Scotchgard Paint Protection Film

Scotchgard Paint Protection Film goes on smoothly, and it is virtually invisible once our team professionally applies it. This film will protect your car’s beautiful paint job and finish like no other, leaving it just as bright and colorful as the day you brought it into us and enhancing its value for years to come.

It protects against natural weathering, deterioration, scratches, and chips, and our Pro series even has self-healing properties that let minor scratches disappear on their own. It’ll be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, you’ll be glad Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is on the job.