Custom Vehicle Wraps:
Advertise While You Drive

If you’re looking for an excellent way to advertise your business wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, D&L Window Tinting has a great solution for you: our full vehicle wraps. With one of these, your business advertisement is only limited by how many miles you can drive—in the Baltimore metro area and beyond. D&L Window Tinting offers you a turnkey solution for all of your full vehicle wrapping needs, and we will handle every aspect and step of the process, from design to install. We know that our full-service offering for full vehicle wraps is unmatched within the industry.

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All Eyes On You

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire surface of your vehicle except for the roof (although that can be done for an additional cost). Our full vehicle wraps provide mobile advertising solutions for all needs, whether you’re building up a small business or working on a national marketing campaign for a large corporation. We can do wraps for any vehicle type, as well, such as RVs, vans, cars, trucks, trailers, buses, boats, limos, taxis, and more.

Our Process

First, we help you pin down your goal. Do you want to only increase brand awareness? Are you aiming to up customer acquisition? Are you trying to do both?

Next, we work to understand your style and how you want your business portrayed. We review your business’s current and previous advertisements, business cards, signs, and website to understand how your business has evolved and how the design can best represent it.

Finally, we take into consideration your vehicle’s style and shape to come up with a design that will look best on your vehicle without things like door handles, emblems, and creases interrupting the flow of it, using a computer to optimize the design. We help you come up with a design that you’re more than satisfied with—we want one that you’ll love.

Vehicle Wrap