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We Offer Armorcoat Safety and Security Films

Armorcoat protects your family and business from glass related injuries. Armorcoat provides protection from flying glass during bomb blasts. Armorcoat provides crucial window safety for severe weather and natural disaster protection.Armorcoat safety window film provides protection from theft and intruders. Armorcoat provides protection from the sun while saving energy.

ArmorcoatArmorcoat is one of the most affordable, effective and attractive approaches to window safety. Something as simple as a baseball through the window becomes a sudden threat to your family when they come into contact with broken glass. Everyday accidents or events as common as thunderstorms can have a devastating effect on windows and glass, putting your family in danger. Armorcoat also provides a barrier against theft and intruders so you feel safe in your home.

Commercial property owners, facility managers, office managers and corporations everywhere are discovering the money saving benefits of Armorcoat safety window film. Armorcoat helps hold glass in place upon impact, offering your business 24-hour window protection against intruders, storms, severe storms, terrorists, and earthquakes. This resilient security film improves window safety for retail, commercial and government properties worldwide. No matter what type of building you’re in ---office, corner store or corporate skyscraper – your glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety. Anything from a stray golf ball to a violent storm can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage, injury or worse. That’s why so many home and business owners rely on the protection provided by durable Armorcoat safety window films.

Safety & SecurityWith the ever-present threat of terrorism, commercial and government building safety has never been a higher priority. High-risk areas now include just about every major city of the world. Even buildings in the outlying areas are susceptible to major damage if an explosion should occur. The shock wave exerts enormous amounts of pressure, breaking unprotected glass and sending harmful shards into your environment at high velocities. Armorcoat’s strong, resilient adhesive and flexible construction enable it to withstand severe levels of positive and negative pressure – allowing the film to move with the window should a blast occur, retaining dangerous fragments…acting as a protective barrier between you and disaster.

Windows are your home’s most vulnerable area. Once broken during severe weather or high winds, you can experience severe property damage. Armorcoat protects people and furnishings from the dangerous airborne shards that cause a majority of injury and damage during and after the storm.

To a thief, a broken window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your electronics, jewelry, merchandise and other costly possessions can all be gone in a matter of minutes after a criminal gains entry. Luckily, Armorcoat helps eliminate a burglar’s easiest access route - a broken window. By making a window more difficult to shatter and holding the broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking, illegal access is much more difficult and less likely to occur.

Armorcoat solar safety films soften harsh light, balance temperatures and help maintain a comfortable environment year round. But the benefits don’t stop there. Armorcoat films can also provide significant energy savings by screening out as much as 80 percent of the sun’s solar heat. Armorcoat solar safety window films work to maximize energy efficiency - relieving the strain on your air conditioning and balancing room temperatures. Armorcoat starts paying for itself the day it’s installed.

See dramatic footage of how Armorcoat safety film helps protect people & property. Click on the links below to view the videos: Safety and Security Films

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Safety & Security
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